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Learn the Basics of a Craps Game

Among the many exciting casino games, craps is the noisiest because of the shouting and yelling done by players at the craps table. The craps game is played on a table built solely for that purpose and there are two dice used.

The craps dice are made according to strict standards and are inspected regularly if there is any damage. The craps dice are replaced after every eight hours of use in the game and there are specific ways as to how players must handle them.

In handling and throwing the craps dice, the player must use only one hand and the throw must let the dice hit the farthest wall of the table. In case one of the dice was thrown off the table, it must first be inspected by the stickman before it can be use again in the game.

There are about 20 players all at once at the craps table and each one has the chance to be the shooter. There are many betting options that can be made in craps and learning about them is very essential. The casino crews that are present at the craps table are the boxman, stickman, and two dealers.

The first roll of the shooter is commonly known as the Come Out roll. Every new game of craps always begins with the Come Out roll to be done by the new shooter because the previous shooter wasn't able to make the winning roll.

As the new shooter starts a craps game, the shooter must make the Point for the game to continue rolling. If the shooter fails to do so, the dice will be passed to the next possible shooter in a clockwise direction around the craps table.

On the craps table, you will notice the table layout. The craps table layout is separated into three areas. These are the two side areas and the center area, which separates the two side areas. One side area is a mirror reflection of the other side area and both side areas share the center area.

Each side area of the craps table is composed of the following betting options: Pass Line bet, Don't Pass Line bet, Come bet, Don't Come bet, Odds bet, Place bet, and Field Bet. The center area of the craps table contains the various Proposition bets.

The exciting game of craps has a house advantage of 2% to 17%. The house advantage varies greatly depending on where you place your bets.

Being a smart and wise player is key to winning money in craps. Know the basics of the game and don't be afraid in trying it out.

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