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Online Casino: Myths about Craps

You can only enjoy playing Craps at your favorite land-based or online casino if your mind is free of boggling statements that surround this exciting table game. To help you separate myths from facts, here is a rundown of common Craps statements that may have a germ of truth in them but are obviously more inclined to falsehood.

* The casino only wants your money. Yes, a casino will be a more profitable business if its players constantly lose their bets. However, there is actually no way it can make this happen. Casinos whether land-based or online undergo a series of tests and audits that ensure fair play is at work. If you are constantly losing your Craps bets, it does not mean that the casino and its employees conspired for it. You have an almost even chance with the House with your wager. Gambling rules and regulations made sure of that.

* Changing dealers change your luck. Good luck does not depend on anything. It is by pure chance that it ever comes by. In land-based casinos, Craps employees really go on rotation. You also cannot expect someone to work 24/7 simply because he is human. Refuting the statement in this paragraph should also debunk every other myth that concerns luck. Keep in mind that it is purely accidental that good fortune could be in your favor. Nothing and no one can ever manipulate luck to hit just one person consistently over a period of time.

* The shooter can manipulate the outcome of the dice. Remember that a Craps game is overseen by no less than four casino employees. You cannot possibly fool all of them especially in a type of incident that is very likely to occur. A player being given a chance to become the shooter does not mean that the House plays favorites. Each and every player on the table gets to become the shooter in the first place. Also, remember that you are throwing the dice and not laying it on the Craps table. Throwing the dice would make it roll and land on the spot where it stops. You cannot calculate the outcome of the dice's actual landing as much as you can determine your pulse rate.

Most of the myths surrounding Craps are based on superstitions. This is understandable because Craps is purely based on luck. People have tried over and over to challenge luck in every way possible. Most of them learned that there is really no way to attract such an abstract. Those who have learned the truth to that fact later in life are found to have suffered the most. Do not make yourself a victim and risk losing your bank roll in the process.